Official and free employment

Work in Austria:

Solar Panels Installers
(electricians and helpers)

2500-3500 €

Hello! We are a Ukrainian-Croatian company. We are assembling teams (electricians and their assistants) in Vienna, Austria that will install solar panels at various facilities. We offer official and free employment. Read the terms and conditions and submit an application. And I will call and tell you about all the details that interest you :)
Mariami Kibordzalidze
Recruiting Manager at Getworker
We are looking for:
Age: up to 50 years
At least 1-2 years of experience on same or similar position
Knows how to work with electric and other tools
Able to work according to drawings
Not afraid to work at height
Have a category "B" driver's license (not mandatory)
Mandatory requirement - understanding of English or German language (B1 and higher).

Duties of Solar Panels Installers:

Work in a team of 3 people (electrician and assistants)
Installation of solar panels
Installation of metal structures
Welding, cutting, drilling, fastening
Installation on the roof
Transportation of work equipment

Photos from the workplace in Austria

How does employment works?

Since we are a Ukrainian-Croatian company, for working in Austria we produce for you a Croatian iD-card and an A1 visa, with which you can stay in Austria continuously for 1 year (with further extension).

You receive documents directly in Croatia. After that, we transport you to one of our facilities in Austria.
We offer:
  • Official employment in Austria
    We make a Croatian iD-card (work and residence permit), bank card, and provide health insurance for free.

    For Germany - we make an A1 work visa. Since Croatia entered the Schengen zone, now with this document you can legally stay in Austria continuously for 1 year.

  • Salary 2500-3500 €/month
    Electrician: starting rate 11 €/hour for 1 month, 12 €/hour from 2 months and 14 €/hour from 4 months.

    Assistants: starting rate 10 €/hour for 1 month, 11 €/hour from 2 months and 13 €/hour from 4 months.
  • Work schedule
    All employees are offered a standard work schedule:
    Mon-Fri (+Sat) 8-10 hours/day. Overtime work is possible.

    Additional hours and working days are negotiated directly with your supervisor. On average: 220-240 hours/month.

  • Comfortable accommodation
    In Austria, we find and rent an apartment for you with all the benefits (and what is missing - we buy it with our own money).

    We place one team per apartment, one or maximum two people per room. We divide the rent and utility payments between the residents, on average it's 200-300 euros/month.

  • Road to Croatia and Austria
    Depending on which country you are currently in, we can compensate part of the cost of the road to Croatia.

    Moving to Austria/Germany - we organize free of charge.

  • Personal support
    During the entire period of work abroad, you will be in constant contact with your personal Getworker manager. He will help to solve all issues related to life, work, etc.

Examples of housing in Germany/Austria

*may be accommodation of a different type, but with identical conditions

Workers review

Employment is completely free. For employment, you need to have a biometric foreign passport and a criminal record certificate (certificate of non-conviction).

If you are interested in a vacancy or have additional questions, fill out the form below. Our manager will call you and tell you everything in detail ;)

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